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Levin Torn White

September 2011 has been a busy month for progressive rock after more than a year of rare and sporadic releases—most of which have tanked. It is refreshing to see a collaboration between the giants of the industry, masters of their instruments. We are so used to contemporary progressive artists teaming up and presenting excellent releases, sometimes better than those released by their full-time bands. Rarely do veterans of progressive rock unite, but in the case of Levin Torn White, they have, and they make no mistakes about such a collaboration. It is easy to say offensive words like “old men,” but in fact, there is a youthfulness to the music that Levin Torn White have created.


Yes and Avatar

It has come to no surprise to those who have seen Avatar and seen the inspiration of Roger Dean’s Yes artwork. Yes has been known for their artwork that often depict gorgeous, colorful worlds that feature futuristic settings with a natural tone. Both the film Avatar and a majority Yes’ lyrical and musical output has been very nature based, making the influence perfect.