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Opeth – Heritage

For their tenth album Opeth has taken a different approach by summoning Mikael Åkerfeldt’s 1970s progressive rock influences. Heritage is an ode and celebration of a time in rock history where technical prowess and grandiose concepts reigned. This overt homage has the signature brand of progressive fusion Opeth had always had, but this time its the forefront style.

“Heritage” lays the groundwork for the eerie mood with a soft piano ballad, but merely a calm before the storm. “The Devil’s Orchard” is the first example of Opeth’s new venture and is an immediate standout track. The song takes no prisoners with its nostalgic melody that leads up to the iconic beckoning in the chorus: “God is Dead”. Other standout tracks include “The Lines in My Hand” which as a killer bass-line that shows the band’s musical dexterity in this experimental phase in their history.

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Porcupine Tree “Bonnie The Cat” Music Video Premiere

“Bonnie The Cat” off the The Incident has been given the music video treatment. This ultra wide screen edition is currently only available on the Porcupine Tree RoadRunner Records site, which you can find here.

It certainly has a very Tool-like style which fits perfectly with Porcupine Tree‘s Tool-meets-Pink Floyd musical blend.