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D Project – Big Face

Project D’s 2011 release, Big Face has an compositional quality that never feels like one has truly traveled through the album or have been challenged enough to warrant additional listens. D Project constantly switches gears to only to please themselves, leaving the album’s contents feeling disconnected. The album does have moments that suggest the musicians are talented, but overall, Big Face fails to truly be a work worthy of your collection.

“They” starts off with a great groove before the song finds its rightful melody before it becomes an unpredictable journey towards the end. “So Low” and “Kids Will Never Know” are uninspired, straight-ahead rock tunes that keep the album unbalanced. “Big Face” is a dated wall of sound that reaches too high and ultimately never delivers. “Anger Parts 1 & 2” and “Anger Part 3” beat the message across the head eventually becoming kitschy towards the end.

“Macondo” picks things back up again with a catchy chorus and is one of the better songs on the album. “Conspiracy” is the album’s sole instrumental, and easily the the best song on the album. It has a Spock’s Beard meets The Flower Kings aspect to it, something the band reaches for throughout the album, but can only seem to conjure up something like this is on the their sole instrumental. The final track “Poussiere de lumiere” is in French and is quite beautiful. It is one of the standout tracks of the album. Too bad I don’t know French.

I have this feeling that D Project is a better live band. Majority of the songs on the album are decent compositions that need more time to be properly fleshed out. The mix itself is rather adequate. The album was certainly mixed with universal quality in mind. Instruments are well heard and have a dynamic texture. The album is certainly not over-mixed allowing the instruments to retain a warmer sound that favors this symphonic progressive rock band’s sound.

I’ve given the album many listens now and I still find myself unable to truly felt a central experience from this album. The album does contain some interesting content but the soul of the band and the album never feels like it can be totally grasped. I do not feel that the musicians truly gave me a D Project experiences and the songs remain voiceless.