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Jordi Clapés-Bot – Right Sides EP

Jordi Clapés-Bot’s Right Sides kicks off with the title track, “Right Sides”, and features a haunting atmosphere with a sense of vicereal mystery and does not deviate much from the motif. Instead, Clapés-Botadds poses new ideas, experiments on top of his constant compositions and keeps the groove going by introducing contradictory sentimentality.

“Geometrical Views” features a bass line with a immediate hook, but abandons it for duel-melody, a guitar against whale song like effect. “Rocks” is placed at the center of this EP and its dark, cinematic leanings has you questioning whether you are the only one in the room or if there is someone in the back seat. All the while sustaining the beauty in the lightly plucked strings.

“Le dernier Jour” does continue Clapés-Bot’s style but offers a new ideology in its composition. If the the songs on the Right Sides are roughly similar and tedious, this song breaks it and ends the EP perfectly.

Many albums are mixed far too hot with instruments having to compete with each other. This EP allows each of the instruments to have their place and support the atmosphere the song is trying to create. I would not necessarily place Clapés-Bot’s work in progressive sub-genres, but it has the mentality that would arouse interest in the typical fan. The delicate sounds and instruments and the lengthy musings work as a soundtrack to a late night working in front of the computer. Right Sides is an excellent escape from the monotony of whatever you are doing by creating a monotonous rhythm, then expanding and contracting on it. Exactly what working is.

Listen to all of the “Right Sides”, purchase the album, the songs individually, or the CD at Jordi Clapés-Bot‘s Bandcamp page.